Our Mission

Our Platforms



  • Work closely with the Maryland government on higher education in order to foster positive higher education policy

  • Introduce FAFSA workshops, reaffirming our support for Higher Education Act

  • Advocate and work toward more classes with open resource textbooks

  • Adapt DVUP courses to focus on underrepresented communities

  • Collaborate with the Association of Big Ten Students to lead the push for large scale higher education reforms across the nation


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  • Work with the University and City to make campus more accessible

  • Creation of Undocumented Student Liaison within SGA

  • Better support pregnant and parenting students, veterans, and our non-traditional undergraduate body

  • Partner with GRE, LSAT, and MCAT services to give students affordable studying solutions for post-grad opportunities

  • Expand availability of Terrapin Express use to a wider variety of stores on campus and along Route 1

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  • Ensure discretionary guidelines line up with application process

  • Hold mock application process trainings in front of student groups

  • Hold finance office hours in Nyumburu and Hillel

  • Improve website to ensure information is easier to get beyond office hours

  • Collaborate with Student Groups committee to enhance student group relationships and communications

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  • Student run climate survey on race-related sentiment on campus 

  • Engage and partner with the First Generation Low Income Consortium 

  • Enable students to work with local secondary schools to ensure a pipeline of representation within UMD 

  • Reduce the funding gap for culturally-centered student groups 

  • Creation of task forces to focus on specific populations on campus


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  • Adopt university-wide LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building standards

  • Implement an online Green Terps and sustainable behaviors course for incoming students

  • Promote sustainable forms of transportation such as walking, biking, transit, and carpooling

  • Advertise and expand recycling and compost practices






  • Fully-funded mental health first aid trainings for RAs and Student Leaders

  • Expand teletherapy opportunity for students

  • Champion student group initiatives rather than overtake them

  • Expand educational efforts while partnering with Health Center and Counseling Center

  • Collaborate with Health and Wellness-related student groups to promote wellness and disease prevention strategies


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  • Implement voter education in freshman introductory courses (HONR100, UNIV100, etc.)

  • Create easier ways for students to send in absentee ballots

  • Partner with RHA for GOTV efforts with TerpsVote

  • Collaborate with University partners for Summer Census push

  • Allow for students to receive a Civic Duty excuse from class once per semester

  • Partner with different organizations dedicated to promoting civic engagement among minority groups


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  • Advocate for increased funding from the State for mental health resources on campus

  • Paid sick leave for student workers

  • Ensure student dependents are included in future pandemic-related stimulus packages

  • Continued push for effective HEA-related policies such as FAFSA simplification

  • Increased funding for open resource textbook classes at Maryland institutions


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  • Expand community-based relationships

  • Establish a City-SGA-Landlord working group

  • Neighbors Meeting Neighbors initiative

  • Ensure student representation on City committees

  • Bring local leaders to campus


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  • Be partners for student groups as they go through the funding and recognition process

  • Host student group events to help foster an environment that encourages coalition building

  • Meet student groups where they are, rather than waiting for them to come to our office

  • Humanize SGA to be more approachable for student group leaders who have issues, complaints, or qualms 

  • Leaders to Leaders event to encourage student leaders to meet each other and network for future professional development


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  • Enhance Red Zone prevention and educational campaigns

  • Remove NCAA loopholes allowing for athletes to easily transfer while under investigation for sexual misconduct 

  • Improve Title IX efficiency and pursue more effective and respectful efforts in addressing student concerns

  • Ensure student organizations are informed about how to take measures to prevent sexual misconduct & support survivors at their events

  • Advocate for relevant legislation to ensure more equitable Title IX regulations


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  • Create a Data Analytics task force

  • Make 'What to Fix UMD' a consistent channel for addressing student concerns

  • Provide incentives for students to participate in campus studies using Terrapin Express

  • Train legislators to be effective canvassers

  • Connect students to more study spaces and streamline room reservations


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  • Rebrand SGA to make information more accessible and easy to navigate online

  • Connect students to campus resources by making SGA more visible on campus

  • Advocating transparency between the administration and students to rebuild trust 

  • Form coalitions with other schools across the country to share best practices

  • Host informal town halls and prioritize reaching out to marginalized communities


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  • Educate the campus community on the challenges of undocumented students

  • Create a scholarship for undocumented students

  • Connect undocumented students with campus mental health care resources

  • Prepare local police and administration

  • Track local, state, and federal policy changes

  • Create an undocumented student liaison position within the SGA


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